Energie-gerelateerde opleidingen

European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management

Hanze Hogeschool Groningen - The European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management focuses on the economic and business aspects of new energy concepts. Meer

Master Energy for Smart Cities

KIC InnoEnergy - Energy for Smart Cities addresses internationally-oriented and entrepreneurial engineering students who wish to implement modern energy technologies for citizens, companies and cities. Meer

Master EMINE – European Master in Nuclear Energy

KIC InnoEnergy - The European Master in Nuclear Energy helps tomorrow’s nuclear engineers face the challenges of the nuclear energy industry in terms of safety, social acceptability and waste management. Meer

Master Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy

KIC InnoEnergy - This programme focuses on the unique subject ‘Fossil and new-generation fuels’ combined with entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking. Meer

Master ENTECH – Energy Technologies

KIC InnoEnergy - The Master programme ENTECH focuses on delivering the interdisciplinary knowledge you need to cope with the complexity of future energy systems. Meer

Master Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management – Energy and Industry

Technische Universiteit Delft - Students learn to solve large-scale and complex problems in the world of management armed with technical knowledge. One of the specialisations is Energy & Industry. Meer

Master SENSE – Smart Electrical Networks and Systems

KIC InnoEnergy - The Master SENSE develops your skills in electrical power engineering, innovation processes and entrepreneurship in the emerging field of Smart Grids. Meer

Post WO (PDEng) Smart Energy in Buildings and Cities

3TU: TU Eindhoven, TUDelft en Universiteit Twente - Two-year program to become a technological designer of dedicated, Smart Energy systems for the built environment. Meer

Minor Economics and Policy

Wageningen University - The Minor Economics and Policy focuses on economics and economic policy analysis relating to typical Wageningen issues, such as food, environment and rural development. Meer

Minor Biotechnology

Wageningen University - Modern biotechnology is applied in drug, vaccine and food production as well as in the production of bioenergy and biobased products. This Minor gives an overview of the core disciplines. Meer

Minor Biobased Transition

Wageningen University - This minor focuses on the transition from a fuel based economy to a biobased economy, in which biomass is used to produce transport fuels and energy (both electricity and heat). Meer

Minor Biobased Technology

Wageningen University - The transition from fossil to sustainable energy and biobased materials requires technical innovation. This minor focuses on technical strategies to replace fossils by bio-mass. Meer

Minor Urban Environmental Management

Wageningen University - Minor on the ‘grey’ area of environmental management: the management of environmental flow streams like water, waste and energy in and between cities and industries. Meer

Minor Environmental Policy and Management

Wageningen University - The Minor focuses on the social and economic causes of environmental problems and the social, economic and communicative methods and policy instruments for solving them. Meer

Minor Economics of Sustainable Development

Wageningen University - What is sustainable development, and how can it be analysed and realised? The economic approach focuses on the allocation of scarce resources and the resulting impacts on ecosystems. Meer

Master Environmental Sciences

Wageningen University - Students learn to develop analytical tools, as well as technologies, socio-political arrangements and economic instruments to influence environmental and sustainability issues. Meer

Master Urban Environmental Management

Wageningen University - About the environmental impacts of urbanisation like growing traffic, increasing waste emissions, deteriorating air quality, and growth in energy and resource consumption. Meer

Master Earth and Environment

Wageningen University - Earth and Environment is een twee jarige masteropleiding waarin je leert met een natuurwetenschappelijke bril kijken naar de processen en structuren die onze planeet leefbaar maken. Meer

Master Climate Studies

Wageningen University - This master programme focuses on the scientific insights into climate change and on the social and economic implications of climate change in the broadest sense. Meer

Master Biotechnology

Wageningen University - Je leert om levende organismen in te zetten bij industriële toepassingen, zoals het vervangen van aardolie door hernieuwbare grondstoffen. Meer