Amsterdam en Nijmegen vallen in de groene prijzen

27 juni 2016Twee Nederlandse steden vielen afgelopen week in de groene prijzen. De Europese Commissie riep Nijmegen uit tot European Green Capital. En Amsterdam werd door de World Electric Vehicle Association aangewezen tot de Europese stad met de beste visie voor elektrisch vervoer. 

Nijmegen kreeg vorige week in Ljubljana te horen dat de stad zich een jaar lang European Green Capital mag noemen.

Uit het juryrapport van de Europese Commissie
‘(…) Nijmegen presented a passionate, clear and persuasive vision of their city as a Green Capital winner, and of how they would act as an ambassador for the green city movement across Europe if they were to win the Award. The jury was impressed by Nijmegen’s engagement of a wide range of stakeholders from the city.
The city’s ambitious, well structured, presentation showed not only their concrete ideas for their future as European Green Capital, but also their ability to deliver them and their willingness to invest time and effort into the initiative, should they win. The Jury also appreciated the engagement from the city’s residents, who clearly have the concept of a greener city rooted in their values and vision. Nijmegen has already mobilised its citizens for 2018 and has the clear ability to inspire other cities as a role model.
The Jury was also impressed with how the city showcased and presented their strengths, including on cycling infrastructure, traffic organisation, and clean public transport, as well as their excellent approach to waste management. The city also framed the strategic plan well within the wider EU level and global sustainable urban agenda. (…)’

Amsterdam ontving de E-Visionary award voor de Europese stad met de beste visie op het gebied van elektrisch vervoer. Het is de tweede keer dat Amsterdam de prijs krijgt.

Uit een bericht van de gemeente Amsterdam
‘(…) Deze prijs is tijdens het World Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS 29) in Montreal uitgereikt door de World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA).
De award wordt toegekend vanwege de bijdrage van Amsterdam aan de ontwikkeling van elektrisch vervoer en de plannen om elektrisch vervoer verder uit te breiden. De organisatie is onder de indruk van de manier waarop elektrisch vervoer in Amsterdam al jaren wordt gestimuleerd en de plannen die Amsterdam heeft om in 2025 uitstootvrij te zijn.
Volgens de jury: “Amsterdam has a long and solid track record of promoting the use of electric vehicles in the city, putting an effective charging infrastructure in place and promoting in general the transition to electromobility. The targets and the ambitious timing set for zero emission taxi’s, buses, small delivery vehicles, light vehicles and even boats are world leading and an example to all cities.” (…)’

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