Bachelor Earth, Energy and Sustainability

Leiden University College The Hague 
What is sustainability? How do we achieve a sustainable society? This Bachelor major is focused on Ecosystems, Earth systems and Resource Management. At Leiden University College we train you in finding your own answer. Examples of topics you will work on, is the hunt for new fossil fuel sources. 
What are the risks of fracking? And why is one of the richest countries in the world (Canada) destroying complete ecosystems?
The BSc Earth, Energy and Sustainability operates at the forefront of environmental sciences, with a balance between understanding key concepts within a classroom setting, and applying the gained knowledge in real-life situations. It focuses its courses around three major themes (tracks), including:
– Ecosystems Health
– Earth Systems Science
– Energy and Natural Resources
At LUC we also emphasize that sustainability ultimately exists within a human context. Therefore there are many cross-links within the major to social sciences, with courses such as public policy, environmental law, and international development. Additionally, the major includes methodology courses in Quantitative Methods, Geographic Information Systems, Environmental Modelling, and Field Methods.


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