Bloomberg kiest Nederlands bedrijf als ‘Energie pionier’

Bloomberg kiest Nederlands bedrijf als ‘Energie pionier’

5 april 2016 – Bloomberg New Energy Finance heeft tien bedrijven aangewezen als ‘New Energy Pioneers’ voor 2016. Onder deze bedrijven ook het Nederlandse bedrijf Emergya Wind Technologies (EWT) uit Amersfoort.

Uit het persbericht van Bloomberg
‘(…) Innovative companies from around the world recognized as game-changers in the field of clean energy technology and business transformation
Bloomberg New Energy Finance today announced its selection of the 2016 New Energy Pioneers – game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector. The diverse group represents a broad range of industries including advanced transportation, bioenergy, energy storage, solar, wind and energy smart technologies.(…) By recognizing game-changing innovators, BNEF hopes to illustrate and accelerate the profound transition that is underway in today’s energy system, towards new business models, technologies, market structures and commercial opportunities. (…) Each candidate was assessed against three criteria: potential scale, innovation and momentum. Each New Energy Pioneer has demonstrated a combination of innovative technologies and business models, substantive progress in its activities, and the potential for global scale. Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of analysis and transformation at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “This year, we were impressed by the very strong set of candidates we received for the New Energy Pioneers program, and the range of activities that they cover – including solar, wind, storage, transport, bioenergy, energy smart technologies and machine learning. “We were delighted to see the breadth of innovation that is happening in the industry and struck by the impact that those organizations could have on the energy system of the future. We are as always very grateful to our group of external judges on the selection committee who had the challenging task of narrowing the field of entries to a final set of 10 winners.”

The 2016 New Energy Pioneers are:

  • 24M (USA) addresses the world’s need for affordable energy storage with a new, more cost-effective approach – semi-solid lithium-ion technology.
  • AutoGrid Systems (USA) is a leading provider of intelligent and scalable software-as-a-service solutions that optimize supply and demand flexibility across a diverse portfolio of distributed energy resources.
  • Emergya Wind Technologies (The Netherlands) is revolutionising wind energy by providing localised, distributed energy, at below grid power pricing, to a wide variety of customer segments.
  • FirstFuel (USA) offers advanced data analytics and insights that help improve and optimize energy consumption in buildings.
  • Mobisol (Germany), since 2012, has equipped more than 40,000 rural homes and businesses with solar home systems in Tanzania and Rwanda – making it one of Africa’s largest and fastest growing providers of off-grid solar systems to homes and businesses.
  • Newlight Technologies (USA) uses carbon capture technology to convert greenhouse gas emissions into AirCarbon, a high-performance material that replaces a wide range of oil-based plastics by out-competing on price and performance.
  • Sentient Science (USA) predicts failures in wind components before they happen, using materials science and high performance computing to determine the earliest point in time when cracks initiate and grow within rotating metal components.
  • SolarKiosk (Germany) offers modular off-grid solar powered business centers, enabling last-mile distribution of products and services to untapped markets in remote rural areas worldwide.
  • Verdezyne (USA) is a bio-based chemicals company, with a synthetic biology platform that produces a variety of chemicals from renewable, non-food sources.
  • Vigilent (USA) is pioneering the use of internet-of-things, machine learning, and predictive analytics to deliver dynamic cooling management in mission critical environments such as data centres. (…)’

Over EWT
Uit de website van EWT
‘(…) Emergya Wind Technologies B.V. is een Nederlands bedrijf dat is opgericht in 2004 en zich concentreert op kleinschalige projecten van één of enkele windturbines. Maar ook voor windparken hebben wij de juiste expertise in huis. EWT ontwerpt en produceert ‘direct drive’ windturbines (zonder tandwielkast) met variabele rotorsnelheid, waardoor het mogelijk is om zowel bij hoge als lage windsnelheden optimaal energie te produceren.

Meer dan 600 turbines operationeel
EWT is actief in Europa, Noord-Amerika en Azië en heeft wereldwijd meer dan 600 windturbines geïnstalleerd, die operationeel zijn in verschillende windklimaten en in gebieden met een zwak electriciteitsnetwerk. Vanuit ons kantoor in Amersfoort volgen wij nauwlettend alle windturbines via het online SCADA systeem: 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week.

Sub-megawatt klasse
EWT levert ‘direct drive’ turbines onder de merknaam DIRECTWIND met 52m, 54m en 61m rotordiameter. Het sub-megawatt assortiment omvat een 250kW, 500kW en 900kW turbine. EWT is marktleider in het Verenigd Koninkrijk met meer dan 250 geïnstalleerde windturbines, voor wat betreft sub-megawatt windprojecten. Het multi-megawatt assortiment omvat een 2.0MW machine. (…)’

Bloomberg, 4 april 2016: 10 companies chosen as 2016 New Energy Pioneers at ninth annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City
Website EWT

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