New Energy Outlook 2015 – Summary

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‘New Energy Outlook 2015 – Summary’
Juni 2015, 7 pagina’s

The New Energy Outlook (NEO) is Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s annual long-term global forecast for the future of energy. Focussed on the electricity system, NEO combines the expertise of over 65 in-house country and technology-level specialists in 11 countries to provide a unique assessment of how the market will evolve.
Bloomberg writes that by 2040, the world’s power-generating capacity mix will have transformed: from today’s system composed of two-thirds fossil fuels to one with 56% from zero- emission energy sources. Renewables will command just under 60% of the 9,786GW of new generating capacity installed over the next 25 years, and two- thirds of the $12.2 trillion of investment.

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