Implementing the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

Coalition for Energy Savings
‘Implementing the EU Energy Efficiency Directive’
mei 2015, 35 pagina’s

The report analyses the plans and inventories that Member States notified to the European Commission in order to comply with Article 5 of the EED, which requires them to annually renovate 3% of the floor area of central government buildings or put in place alternative measures to reach at least the same energy savings.
Eleven Member States chose the default approach, while 17 Member States selected the alternative approach which allows them to opt for non-renovation measures, such as behavioural change campaigns. Out of the 11 Member States that have chosen the default procedure, only Latvia and Slovenia have provided good quality inventories, which are the first essential step to plan and start the renovations. Overall, Member States have provided limited information, and no clear plans on the renovations to be undertaken to achieve the required energy savings.

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