COP22 – Britse regering ratificeert ‘Parijs’ in Marrakech

17 november 2016Op COP22 in Marrakech zal ook minister Hurd namens het Verenigd Koninkrijk het Klimaatakkoord van Parijs ratificeren. Aldus meldt Climate Home.

Uit een bericht van Climate Home
‘(…) UK climate minister Nick Hurd – who is attending the international climate talks in Marrakech – will make the announcement.
The 2008 Climate Change Act already provides a legal framework under which the UK government is bound to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 57% through 2028-2032 on 1990 levels. (…)
So far 110 of the 197 signatories to the UN’s climate framework have ratified the agreement, with Australia, Italy and Japan among those joining in the last week.
US president-elect Donald Trump has said he plans to “cancel” US membership when he takes office in January, leaving the deal without the world’s second largest carbon polluter. (…)’


Climate Home, 15 november 2016: UK set to ratify Paris climate deal at COP22 summit
Foto: Cabinet Office/Flickr

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