COP22 – Vandaag European Union Energy Day, in Marrakech

14 november 2016 – Vandaag is het European Energy Day, maar het wordt niet in Europa ‘gevierd’, maar in Marokko. In Marrakech presenteert de EU vandaag een serie fraaie voorbeelden van duurzame-energie-projecten, o.a. van REELCOOP.

Uit een bericht van de Europese Commissie
‘(…) In the sunny climates of the Mediterranean and North Africa solar power is an obvious choice for climate-friendly electricity generation. But sunlight can be a limiting factor – be this at night time, or on a cloudy day.

Combination of solar and biomass
One EU-funded project, REELCOOP, is working on ways to combine both solar power and biomass power generation for round-the-clock and non-weather dependent electricity generation. It’s also hoping to be part of the solution for those who still live without electricity: Today 1.1 billion people do not have access to electricity with 2/3 of those being in rural Africa and Asia.
REELCOOP is developing three novel prototype systems for both micro-scale electricity generation and large-scale electricity generation.
The first system involves the development of a new type of solar panel for building facades that also allows ventilation. The panels are currently installed on a building in Turkey. A second system involves a combination of solar power and a biomass boiler that runs on olive oil waste in Morocco.
The final system uses sun-tracking parabolic trough solar collectors and a gasification unit that can turn agricultural waste into power in a hybrid system in Tunisia.
The project hopes to come up with new renewable electricity generation systems that bring local partners on board. It also hopes its systems will be able to provide electricity that’s sustainable from both an environmental and economic viewpoint. (…)’

REELCOOP (REnewable ELectricity COOPeration)
is a EU/FP7 funded project aiming to develop renewable electricity generation technologies and promoting cooperation between EU Partner Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries, which started in 1 September 2013, with a duration of 4 years.


Europese Commissie, 12 november 2016: EU-funded project creates solar and biomass hybrid electricity technology

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