D-Day for the climate

Tijdens de klimaattop in Parijs organiseert het Tilburg Sustainability Center op de Tilburgse campus een debat over de feiten en cijfers en de toekomst van de planeet. De voertaal van de bijeenkomst is het Engels. 
Between November 30 and December 11 representatives of more than 190 countries convene in Paris to protect the climate. The conference is crucial because the objective is to create a new international agreement to keep global warming below 2°C. But after more than twenty years of discussions with hardly any progress, will such an agreement indeed be struck?
Tilburg University’s Sustainability Center (TSC) organizes a discussion meeting, presenting the facts and figures and assessing the future of the planet. How much do countries intend to reduce their emissions, how are those pledges distributed between rich and poor countries, and are these pledges legally binding? And what are the consequences of the outcomes of the negotiations – are the pledged emission reductions enough to keep global warming below 2°C, and what happens if Paris fails to strike an agreement? …..

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