Denemarken: ‘In 2050 is al onze stroom hernieuwbaar’

29 juli 2016Nu komt nog 40% van de Deense stroom van de wind. Over vier jaar is dat de helft en in 2050 zal alle Deense stroom hernieuwbaar zijn. 

Denemarken is nu al de nummer 1 in windenergie. Wereldwijd. Het land heeft die positie weten te bereiken door een stabiel overheidsbeleid, concludeert Climate Action van de VN: ‘(…) Thanks to a steady policy commitment to clean energy, Denmark’s grid is more reliable than most European countries despite its high percentage of wind power. (…)
Denmark is now a global wind power leader, with 42 per cent of its energy from wind, and an international record by producing 140 per cent of its electricity demand on July 9 and 10 of this year. (…) is expanding its capacity and additional interconnections are planned to Germany and the UK with the 1.4-gigawatt capacity Viking Link, which will represent the largest submarine cable in the world at 740 kilometres, able to transport annual electricity consumption of 2.7 million households.

The expansion of the grid operator will not only help balance the wind supplies but it is expected to bring billions in profits for the country. (…)’


Climate Action, 28 juli 2016: Denmark targets 100% renewable electricity by 2050
Foto: DONG Energy

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