Desmond Tutu: klimaatpetitie aan Obama en Ban Ki-moon

14 september 2015 – Aartsbisschop Desmond Tutu is een petitie-campagne begonnen om de Amerikaanse president Barack Obama en de secretaris-generaal van de VN Ban Ki-moon te bewegen tot stevige stappen tegen de klimaatverandering: 100% duurzame energie in 2050.

Tutu hoopt voor zijn petitie een half miljoen mede-ondertekenaars te vinden. Gisteren had hij al 302.204 handtekeningen. Aan zijn petitie-campagne doet een groot aantal religieuze leiders mee van uiteenlopende godsdiensten. Zij doen een beroep op alle regeringsleiders om in actie te komen voor 100% duurzame energie in 2050.

De tekst van de petitie luidt:
‘(…) Respond urgently to climate change by setting a renewable energy target of 100% by 2050
Climate change is one of the greatest moral challenges of our time. It threatens the health of our planet and people; especially the poorest and most vulnerable. It threatens our children’s future and everything we hold dear. It is time for all of us to wake up and take action together — in our local communities, nationally and globally, as well as in our daily lives.
As citizens motivated by faith and other moral traditions, we recognize that there is a grave obligation to act on climate change.

We call on you as leaders to respond urgently to the threats of climate change and set a renewable energy target of 100% by 2050.We need bold action like this to keep global temperature rise below the unacceptably dangerous tipping point of two degrees, to phase out carbon pollution to zero, and to invest resources in sustainable development pathways to build a more flourishing, inclusive and balanced world.
We pledge to do our own part by embracing the moral responsibility to care for our world and for each other and by seeking to live better and more sustainable lives in greater joy and harmony.

Let us act now, boldly and together, to build a better life for all! (…)’

Petitie op Respond urgently to climate change by setting a renewable energy target of 100% by 2050


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