‘Duitsland haalt CO2-doelstelling niet’

24 september 2015 – De Amerikaanse website over energie en groene technologie GreenTechMedia veronderstelt dat ook Duitsland zijn CO2-doelstelling (- 40%) voor 2020 niet zal halen.

Uit het bericht van GreenTechMedia
‘(…) Germany’s environment ministry has admitted the country is likely to fall short of its future greenhouse gas emissions targets by 7 percent. Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has said that Germany is on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by just 33 percent in comparison to 1990 levels by the year 2020. This falls short of the country’s previously stated aim of 40 percent.
According to research from the German arm of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) things could be even worse than expected: Germany could actually miss its 2020 emissions targets by 10.7 percent.
Germany’s targets of 40 percent reduction by 2020 and 55 percent reduction by 2030 are considerably more ambitious than European targets. In comparison, Europe is aiming for just a 20 percent reduction by 2020. (…)’

Het Amerikaanse GreenTechMedia brengt nieuws en laat onderzoek doen. Het is in 2007 opgericht met gelden uit crowdfunding (miljoenen dollars). Het heeft kantoren in Boston, New York, San Francisco and München.


GreenTechMedia,  18 september 2015: Germany Probably Won’t Hit Its 2020 Carbon-Reduction Goals
Foto: 350.org




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