Duitsland: meer zonne-energie dan kernenergie

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7 augustus 2015 – In juli is er in Duitsland voor het eerst meer zonne-energie opgewekt dan energie uit kerncentrales. 

Zowel zonne-energie als windenergie bereikten in juli een record in Duitsland.

Uit een bericht van PV Magazine
(…) July 2015 became a record month for the combined efforts of PV and wind energy. Both renewable sources managed to churn out more electricity than ever before as the statistics show.

According to the Fraunhofer ISE, 11.7TWh of renewable electricity was produced in July and this number surpasses the previous highs in January and March this year. The German Institute of the Renewable Energy Industry (IWR) calculated 10.9TWh for July, which also corresponds to an all time high according to the institute’s data. For wind energy, July 2015 has been recorded as the best summer month ever whereas for solar energy, July 2013 remains the strongest month.

Bruno Burger from the Fraunhofer ISE furthermore highlights another record in this hit month of July. According to the website Energy Transition: The German Energiewende, PV installations for the first time in July 2015 managed to surpass the electricity produced by nuclear sources in Germany. PV power added up to 5.183TWh whilst nuclear power churned out 5.181TWh. Nuclear juggernauts and solar naysayers might reckon the gap small, but it is a victory for solar power nevertheless.

“Naturally it is a result of the high irradiation, plus the shut down of Grafenrheinfeld nuclear plant as well as the annual revisions at Grundremmingen-C, Isar II und Philippsburg-2,” Burger explained.
PV Magazine, 5 augustus 2015: Germany: Record PV and wind grid feed-in for July
Fraunhofer ISE Data, Stromproduktion in Deutschland im Juli 2015 (grafiek zelf oproepen via >Leistung, >Stromproduktion Deitschland, > maand invoeren)

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