ENTSO-E welcomes European support for energy infrastructure

Uniting Europe and the Energy Infrastructure Investment Push: ENTSO-E welcomes European support for key infrastructure in mainly Baltics, Central and South Eastern Europe
The European Commission has selected a list of 20 projects under the so called Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). These projects will receive European support in addition to the lion share investments as taken up by the TSOs in the EU member States.
Konstantin Staschus, Secretary General of ENTSO-E said: “European energy infrastructure is key to get the Internal Energy Market from promise to practice. Usually the investment costs are taken up by the national system operators. However, in particular in South East Europe, in Central Eastern Europe and in the Baltic regions a particular push is needed. The Berlin wall has come down only 25 years ago. A lot has yet to be done to integrate the Europe’s East and West. The high speed development of Renewables, which ENTSO-E welcomes, puts additional pressure on the networks: we must go faster, and have to bridge gaps.” …

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