Master European Wind Energy (Erasmus Mundus)

Technische Universiteit Delft en andere Europese universiteiten
Wind energy offers considerable promise: the wind itself is free, wind power is clean, and it is inexhaustible. In recent years, research on wind energy has accelerated, and new developments in efficient and costeffective ways of harnessing wind energy are making it increasingly attractive and competitive. The European Wind Energy Master is an Erasmus Mundus MSc degree programme that is built upon a body of emerging research that has the potential to shape the future of the wind energy sector.
In preparing engineers for a truly global sector, one of the programme’s goals is to train professionals to become resourceful problem solvers who are capable of collaborating with colleagues across cultural divides. Students acquire knowledge in the theoretical and applied sciences that underlie wind energy systems, in addition to specific competences that they will need in order to function in your chosen area of specialisation. Upon successful completion of the programme, students are awarded a double MSc degree: one diploma from each of two partner universities, depending upon the specialisations that they follow.
EWEM offers four specialisations along the energy conversion chain, each with two or three areas of focus. The four specialisations that are offered are:
– Wind Physics: Atmospheric aerodynamics and turbulence and Wind farm aerodynamics
– Rotor Design: Aerodynamics, Structure and design, Composite design and material production and manufacturing
– Electrical Power systems: Power systems and Power electronics and drives
– Offshore Engineering: Installation, accessibility and maintenance, Design of offshore support structures and Modelling and optimisation of soil mechanics and mooring Systems.
As an EWEM student, you will spend your time at least at two of the four different partner universities. The possibility exists to complete your internship and conduct part of your thesis work with one of our more than 40 partner organisations, ranging from industrial firms to other universities and research institutions.


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