ESTRAC: Business meets science in new cooperation, accelerating the energy transition

On Friday October 14, 2016 three well established Dutch parties TNO (national centre for scientific and technical research), ECN (energy research centre) and Energy Academy Europe (EAE – centre of excellence for energy transition) signed the agreement for the foundation of Energy Systems Transition Centre ESTRAC. Starting off with significant fundings of 5 million Euros the new organisation sets out to integrate and address major energy questions, research and application from all possible angles. ESTRAC is formed as an interdisciplinary and open innovation centre in which energy-related businesses, knowledge based and other institutions can join and work together on major energy questions. ESTRAC will be operating from locations throughout the country and beyond, whereas the heart of the new organisation will be established at EAE’s state of the art newbuild in Groningen, upon delivery later this year to be ‘… the most sustainable education and research building in this country’. …. 

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