EU wil stroomnetten meer geschikt maken voor duurzame elektriciteit

15 augustus 2016De EU subsidieert zes experimenten die moeten helpen de toegang voor duurzame stroom tot de Europese netten te verbeteren. ‘Technical solutions to bring more renewable energy online’.

Uit een bericht van de Europese Commissie
‘(…) The EU’s electricity grids are still largely designed around the needs of traditional, fossil fuel power stations. But, with a rapidly rising renewable energy supply, EU grids need modern, smart grid solutions to help integrate more variable and geographically-dispersed power sources.
One EU-funded project, GRID4EU, has worked on ways to integrate renewables. It has tested the potential of smart grids for integrating renewable energy, grid automation, energy storage and energy efficiency.

GRID4EU has six testing sites across Europe in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic and France.

  • In Germany, Nordrhien Westphalen, GRID4EU focussed on improving the monitoring and advanced control of the medium voltage using a Multi-Agent-System.
  • In Italy, Emilia Romagna, the project used energy storage batteries to smooth out electricity supply and demand flows in the network.
  • Meanwhile, in France, Alpes-Maritimes, a pricing scheme and smart water boilers allowed customers to consume a larger share of locally-produced solar PV energy.

The total cost of the project is €54 413 770, including €25 552 508 in EU funding.(…)’

Europese Commissie, 11 augustus 2016: EU-funded project explores technical solutions to bring more renewable energy online
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