European electricity markets: All Transmission System Operators decide on a proposal on Capacity Calculation Regions

Gathering in Brussels on 29 October, all TSOs have decided on a proposal on Capacity Calculation Regions (CCRs). The proposal will be submitted to the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) for approval and to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, ACER, for information in the course of next week.
The proposal originally put to consultation at the end of September by all TSOs has been adapted in view of stakeholder comments and of the conclusions of the European Electricity Regulatory Forum.
Taking into account the most recurrent comment received in the consultation, the updated proposal includes the borders between Croatia and Slovenia, between Croatia and Hungary and between Romania and Hungary in the Central East Europe region from the start. Also following stakeholders’ feedback, it now shows the geographical evolution of the CCRs overtime by including an additional annex about the future merge of the CCRs. ….


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