‘Fossiel blijft ook na 2030 belangrijk in brandstofmix VS’

4 augustus 2015 – Ook als het Clean Power Plan volledig wordt uitgevoerd zullen de fossiele energiebronnen na 2030 een belangrijk onderdeel blijven van de Amerikaanse brandstofmix.

Dat zegt Gina McCarthy, een hoge ambtenaar van het US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in een toelichting kort voor de presentatie van het Clean Power Plan. Zij duidde daarbij vooral op het aandeel van gas.
‘(…) The proposed rule emphasized the use of natural gas-fired generation as a “bridge” fuel in the transition to cleaner energy solutions. McCarthy said the emphasis on gas was taken out of the final rule as the agency looked to ease the compliance date, but gas will still be a part of the nation’s energy mix going forward. “I don’t want you to get the impression that we are putting our finger on any particular type of energy generation. … You’ll see that natural gas still remains a very strong part of the energy mix,” McCarthy said. The agency determined that incentivizing the use of renewables and energy efficiency with the new Clean Energy Incentive Program in the years leading up to the 2022 compliance date made more sense, the administrator explained. “When we made that shift, it might have resulted in less immediate investment in new natural gas, but it certainly hasn’t done anything to eliminate or reduce the importance of natural gas in the energy system in 2030 — or even coal for that matter; fossil fuels still remain a consistent and important part of the energy supply,” McCarthy said. In the final rule, coal is expected to make up 27% of the energy mix in 2030. (…)’


SNL, 2 augustus 2015: McCarthy: Significant changes to Clean Power Plan not a ‘concession’ to anyone

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