‘Geen nieuwe kolencentrales? Da’s echt niet genoeg. Alle 280 moeten snel dicht.’

6 april 2017De toezegging van de (meeste) Europese stroomproducenten om vanaf 2020 geen nieuwe kolencentrales meer te bouwen, is echt niet genoeg. Alle Europese kolencentrales moeten dicht, en snel: nog vóór 2030 anders worden de doelen van ‘Parijs’ niet gehaald. Dat stelt het Climate Actiopn Network Europe in reactie op de toezegging van Eurelectric.

Uit het persbericht van CAN Europe
‘(…) Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe stresses that this [declaration] is merely a starting point that needs to lead to a comprehensive plan for a full phase out of existing coal plants. Reacting to the announcement, Wendel Trio, Director of CAN Europe said: “The fact that the vast majority of European electricity producers admit that there is no future for coal is yet another proof that everyone now sees the writing on the wall and wants to be part of the ongoing green energy revolution. The statement is however not much more than stating the obvious, as building new coal power plants has been considered a fool’s errand for a long time now. A truly future-oriented electricity companies who want to live up to the Paris Agreement and remain profitable in a longer term would need to commit to a full phase out of all existing coal power plants by 2030.”

The EU will need to phase out all of its coal plants by 2030
According to a report released by Climate Analytics last month, the EU will need to phase out all of its coal plants by 2030, if it is to meet the Paris Agreement’s long-term temperature goals.

Poland, Greece, the Western Balkans and Turkey
CAN Europe stresses that Eurelectric’s commitment cannot leave out the existing and planned coal plants in Poland, Greece, the Western Balkans and Turkey. Moreover, in order to live up to the Paris Agreement objectives, as the first step Eurelectric needs to support ending subsidies for coal plants with an immediate effect and present a just action plan for coal plant closures.

280 coal plants
After the Paris Climate Agreement, the EU needs to dramatically ramp up efforts to shut down all 280 coal power plants and swiftly move to 100% renewable energy. Every coal-fired power station switched off will bring great benefits for both the climate and human health. (…)’

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Kaart Climate Analytics
Foto: FluxEnergie/© Paul Tolenaar

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