GETEC green energy AG is enriching an entire sector with innovative solutions

Don Quixote would have had his work cut out in Saxony-Anhalt: the majestic “windmills” can be seen all over the federal state. They are the symbol of a flourishing economic sector: renewable energy. Around half of the energy generated in the federal state comes from renewable sources, and what was once a niche sector has long since become something far bigger.
GETEC green energy AG has played a major role in this success story – even though it otherwise appears to be a small company with just 20 employees. “The GETEC Group recognised the sign of the times,” attests Frank Busch, Managing Director of ATI GmbH Anhalt. Busch previously managed the Cluster for Renewable Energy Saxony-Anhalt (CESSA), an association for small and medium sized companies that lasted from 2008 to 2014.
As a broadly-based company group in the energy sector that was established in Magdeburg in 1993, GETEC soon turned to renewable sources of energy. An independent area of business surrounding the production, storage and use of regenerative energies soon developed. Combining these activities in a single company was the logical result. Board Spokesman Chris Döhring tells us that the company GETEC green energy AG was established in October 2010. ….


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