Innovation Award voor ‘The Nerdalize Cloud’

Innovation Award voor ‘The Nerdalize Cloud’

2 november 2015 – Vrijdag zijn de Accenture Innovation Awards 2015 toegekend. In de categorie ‘Clean & Affordable Energy’ won de Nerdalize Cloud: decentrale servers die lokaal als verwarming fungeren.

Uit het bericht van Accenture Innovation Awards
‘(…) Namens de Accenture Innovation Awards 2015 willen we Nerdalize Cloud graag van harte feliciteren met het winnen van de blauwe tulp.  Nerdalize Cloud heeft een server ontwikkeld die in een radiator is verpakt. De warmte die de server produceert, wordt afgegeven aan de radiator, die daarmee het huis verwarmt. De jury heeft vertrouwen in dit concept en heeft daarom The  Nerdalize Cloud verkozen tot meest veelbelovende innovatie verkozen van het thema Clean & Affordable Energy. (…)’

Over de Nerdalize Cloud
‘(…) Nerdalize aims to create a world where computing power is an affordable and sustainable commodity and heating free. Datacenters use upwards of 5% of global electricity production and half of that energy goes to overhead such as cooling instead of powering the servers in the datacenter. At the same time space heating accounts for 40% of Europe’s primary energy consumption, usually powered by fossil fuels such as gas.
By placing radiators that contain powerful servers in homes and selling the compute capacity to businesses and researchers, Nerdalize brings together these two different needs, creating the heat where it is needed while drastically reducing the cost and emissions caused by computations. In effect this set-up allows Nerdalize to do with 1kWh what used to be done with 3kWh. The energy is used to run the servers and the heat generated by the servers is used to heat the home, all without the overhead of a traditional datacenter.

By placing a single 1000W CloudHeater in a residential home the home owner can save €400 per year on heating and businesses and researchers save up to 55% per compute job while computing sustainably.
The range of application for computations is enormous. One of our clients is the Leiden University Medical Center, using Nerdalize to simulate protein folding for medical research. Others include geocomputing, video rendering and (financial) simulations. (…)’


Accenture Innovation Awards, 30 oktober 2015: Nerdalize winnaar Clean & Affordable Energy
Accenture Innovation Awards, The Nerdalize Cloud
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