Internationale conferentie over nucleaire veiligheid in Washington

Internationale conferentie over nucleaire veiligheid in Washington

1 april 2016 – Vandaag (en gisteren) is er in Washington een Nuclear Security Summit. President Obama is gastheer. Premier Rutte is een van de deelnemers.  Er wordt o.a. gesproken over de risico’s van terroristische acties tegen kerncentrales.

Het is de vierde bijeenkomst (twee jaar geleden was de bijeenkomst in Den Haag).
Uit een bericht van de Nuclear Security Summit
‘(…) Nuclear terrorism is one of the greatest threats to our collective security. If any terrorist networks that have been trying to get their hands on a nuclear device succeed, the consequences for the world would be catastrophic. Locking down nuclear materials and strengthening the global nuclear security architecture are the best ways to prevent this threat. (…) We cannot afford to wait for an act of nuclear terrorism before working together to collectively improve our nuclear security culture, share our best practices, and raise our standards for nuclear security. (…)’


Nuclear Security Summit 2016
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