Master Applied Physics

Universiteit Twente
The Master’s programme in Applied Physics at the University of Twente has its roots in the fundamental truths and laws of nature that describe the world around us. Experimentation is the gateway to discovering more about our world. You will focus on using scientific principles in practical devices and systems, and on the application of physics in other fields.
During the Master’s programme in Applied Physics you will learn more about the fundamentals of modern physics and their application. The Applied Physics programme will expand your knowledge of physics as a whole, while giving you the opportunity to specialize in a field of your choice. The Physics Department at the University of Twente is one of the best in the world: during your studies you will work in cutting-edge, high-tech labs like the renowned MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.


Start 1 september / 1 februari
Aanmelden vóór 15 augustus / 15 januari
Duur 2 jaar
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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