Master Chemistry

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Are you interested in finding out how to use inexpensive organic materials to capture CO2 or discovering whether carbon can form a fifth bond? Are you keen to find new methods of seeing through non-transparent material, such as using laser measurements to trace tumours? Or how about developing new analytical methods to determine low levels of bioactive proteins in complex biological samples?
The Master’s programme in Chemistry is a challenging degree programme for students who already have a solid background in chemistry and who are eager to expand their knowledge and experience. Chemistry is not an isolated discipline: it forms the bridge between biology at one end of the spectrum (biomolecular chemistry) and physics at the other end (physical-theoretical chemistry). A Master’s in Chemistry can lead to an exciting, well-paid career with extensive opportunities for pursuing your ambitions.


Start 1 september
Aanmelden vóór 1 juni (NL studenten)
Duur 2 jaar
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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