Master Earth Sciences

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Understanding how planet Earth works is important for everyone. That is what Earth Sciences is all about. VU University Amsterdam offers you a wide range of specializations that will help you become a geoscientist who is aware of how crucial it is to learn about the intriguing interrelations of System Earth.
Many staff members and students involved in Earth Sciences at VU University Amsterdam come from abroad, making it a truly international Master’s programme. Furthermore, it is a programme in which the whole world is your field of study.
VU University Amsterdam is renowned for combining all Earth Sciences specializations with other subject areas. Earth Sciences at our university are closely linked to Biology and Environmental Sciences. Why limit yourself to being just a geologist or a geographer? Become a true Earth Scientist, with far-reaching background knowledge that allows you to really make the most of your future. How exactly do ice ages, life, plate tectonics and CO2 cycles in the Earth’s crust and oceans interact? What is the relationship between landscape and fault movements in the dating of rocks or in processes like uplift and erosion?
The programme’s excellent reputation is partly due to the fact that it is small enough to facilitate personal contact between all participants but large enough to encompass the full range of pecializations. In that sense, Amsterdam and the programme are much alike: impressive but small enough to make you feel right at home.

Start 1 september
Aanmelden vóór 1 juni (NL studenten)
Duur 2 jaar
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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