Master Physics – Research in Pysics, Quantum Matter and Optics

Universiteit Leiden 
The MSc programme in Physics offers five two-year research specialisations, with emphasis on either experimental or theoretical research, and three specialisations that are more broadly oriented and combine at least one year of the the physics curriculum with training in which specific career opportunities in science-related professions can be explored.
The specialisation Research in Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics is one of the two research directions in experimental physics at the Leiden Institute of Physics. It offers comprehensive coverage of major current research themes, such as scanning probe techniques based on atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy, molecular electronics, oxide electronics, superconductivity, quantum optics and quantum information, and strong photon-matter interaction.
The Master of Science (MSc) in Physics programmes of Leiden University are characterized by their emphasis on internships. At least 50% of the time (and study credit) has to be spent on research training. The students form part of research groups at the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION). Preferably, this also include a stay in a research group outstide Leiden University. The goal of each programme is to train the student as an independent researcher, and to develop the necessary skills and proficiency to advance his/her career.


Start 1 september
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Duur 2 jaar
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