Master Science, Business and Innovation

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Successfully introducing scientific knowledge and inventions into the market is a complex process in which science and business cooperate to the fullest extent at each stage of development. As an SBI graduate you are trained to integrate scientific aspects in a business and innovation context while taking organizational, social and cultural variables into account. Professionals who are able to bridge the gap between laboratory, work floor  and boardroom are rare and highly sought after. Practice and theory go hand in hand in your Master’s track in SBI. The SBI courses feature real world business cases and the things you learn in the classroom are directly applicable in your future career. SBI has an extensive network within the industry.
The Master’s programme is concluded with a six month internship at a company or research institute. The internship constitutes an important part of the Master’s programme and is an excellent preparation for a career in either the energy & sustainability or life & health sciences sector. SBI Master students are currently doing their research internships at companies like Shell and Accenture in countries all over the globe, including the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.


Start 1 september
Aanmelden vóór 1 juni (NL studenten)
Duur 2 jaar
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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