Master Sustainable Development

Universiteit Utrecht
This two-year Master’s programme is aimed at students who want to contribute to the development of sustainable environmental solutions. It also focuses on the changes needed to achieve an environmentally and socially accountable society. On this programme, you will learn how to analyse the processes associated with this change and will also consider the short- and long-term management of these processes on a local and global level.
This programme is suitable for individuals with Bachelor’s degrees in the natural and social sciences who want to study complex sustainable development issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. You can apply for one of four different tracks and can adopt either a natural or social sciences focus depending on your previous education. The four tracks are:
– Energy and Materials. The transition towards the sustainable use of energy and materials.
– Global Change and Ecosystems. The sustainable use of land and water.
– Environmental Governance. Governing the social changes needed for an environmentally accountable society.
– International Development. Sustainable development and living in the Global South.


Start 1 september / 1 februari
Aanmelden vóór 1 juni / 1 december
Duur 2 jaar
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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