Minor Biobased Transition

Wageningen University
In a biobased economy resources for non-food applications are produced from ‘green resources’ (biomass). Non-food applications are for example transport fuels, chemicals, materials and energy (both electricity and heat). It is important that a biobased economy is developed in a sustainable way. Our current economy is a fossil fuel based economy that has to be transformed to a biobased economy.
This minor is focussed on this transition from a fuel based economy to a biobased economy. The minor provides a basis in the principles of a biobased economy. Sustainability is a key-issue in a biobased economy and the student will learn how to assess different concepts on their sustainability. Ultimately, it has to be profitable and the students will also learn how to realise a business in a biobased society.
Finally, resources are usually not available at the location where the products are needed. Logistics, carried out in a way that contributes to a sustainable system, is therefore important too. Important issues are scale of production and local versus global production. 


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