Minor Environmental Policy and Management

Wageningen University
The BSc Minor Environmental Policy and Management focuses on the social and economic causes of environmental problems and the social, economic and communicative methods and policy instruments for solving them. The courses provide introductory and advanced levels of analysis of national and international environmental policy making,environmental management and environmental communication.
The minor is meant for BSc students in the fields of environmental technology, soil, water and atmosphere, system analysis, forestry and nature, or geography, who wish to add social-scientific understanding of environmental issues to their curriculum. Additionally the minor would offer students with a social scientific background, such as development studies, consumer studies or communication, the possibility to include an environmental profile in their programmes. Participating chair groups and lecturers cover the essential fields of social scientific expertise within Wageningen University concerning environmental policy, management and communication. 


Start 1 september
Omvang 24 ECTS
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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