Minor Philosophy and Governance of Science and Technology

Universiteit Twente
This minor analyses and evaluates the influence of science and technology on humans and society. Students will be introduced in the main approaches and theories in the history of philosophy, which will enable them to reflect more systematically and critically on science and technology and their social roles. But rather than merely studying the philosophical tradition in itself, or aiming to understand technology in general, the focus will be on acquiring skills in order to philosophically analyse specific technologies and technological practices. How will, for example, wearable technologies like Google Glass and Hololens change and shape our social interactions? How will we be able to maintain traditional ideas about privacy in an age of exponential increase of information and communication technologies? And how will our society and culture incorporate and shape those technologies? In a so-called Philosophy of Technology Lab students will work in teams on specific technologies on the basis of acquired perspectives and insights from philosophy.
In this Minor you will also learn how society and technology influence each other, in particular how this plays out in innovation processes when new technologies are developed and embedded into society, and what are possibilities for purposefully shaping innovation processes.
Given the central role that many technologies have for modern societies, be it in the form of enablers of key societal functions as energy, transport, public health etc., or as creating risks and unwanted effects, science and technology are also an important issue for governance, with policy and other societal actors trying to shape innovation and societal embedding. As part of this, prospecting possible technology dynamics and also their effects on society is a common activity for research, innovation and governance actors, but needs to be informed by a proper understanding of socio-technical dynamics.


Start 1 september
Omvang 30 ECT / 6 maanden
Taal Engels

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