More power to consumers: member states approve EU rules on demand connection

How can consumers support the power system? Today 28 member states’ representatives agreed on European rules for the connection of demand facilities to the grid at all voltage levels. The demand connection network code  -4th code to be adopted in less than a year- sets the first elements of a greener and  smarter customer-centric power system.
Consumption of electricity is getting smarter. Small renewable facilities are connected closer to end consumption points. The harmonisation of connection rules in Europe is indispensable to system security and market integration. “This code like the others is about creating the power grid of the data age. It is a very important step for the development of demand response in Europe. Market design and regulations however still need adapting for consumers to enjoy the full promises of ‘digital energy'”, commented Konstantin Staschus, ENTSO-E Secretary-General. ….


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