Offshore windturbines worden steeds groter

Offshore windturbines worden steeds groter

Hoogte 200 m, spanwijdte bladen 164 m, 8 MW productiecapaciteit

13 mei 2016 – Na de megawindturbines van 7 megawatt komen er nu al offshoreturbines van 8 megawatt. Siemens bouwt 60 van deze turbines in het Arkona windpark van Duitsland.

Siemens kreeg de order in april, kort na een opdracht om 102 turbines van 7 megawatt te bouwen voor het Britse park East Anglia. Opgeteld bouwt Siemens nu 162 megaturbines.

Uit een bericht van Renewables International
‘(..) While the units going up in the UK seem to have seven-megawatt generators, those going up in Arkona will have a capacity of eight megawatts. Vestas – a Danish company that has its roots in community energy from the 1970s and therefore actually believes in wind power (Siemens did not enter the sector until it took over Bonus in 2004) – is also installing eight-megawatt offshore turbines onshore for testing in Denmark. (zie hieronder)
The offshore sector differs from onshore in two main respects. First, transportation of gigantic equipment is less of an issue between a manufacturing plant on a coast and a wind farm at sea than it is on land, where equipment often has to be navigated through normal roads in small towns. And second, the wind blows more steadily and strongly; it is therefore able to push even the largest generators.(…)’

De grootste in de wereld
Uit een bericht van State of Green (Denemarken)
‘(…) Wind energy has reached new heights in Denmark with the inauguration of two new wind turbines, which are able to produce electricity for more than 18.000 Danish households. With a height of 200 meters, wingspan of 164 meters together with an 8MW production capacity, the wind turbines are now the largest in the world.
The wind turbines produce so much power that 300 of them would be enough to supply all households in Denmark. The main investor European Energy sees this as a big step for wind energy: “At European Energy this is an important step forward and adds to our exciting journey within wind development and increased focus on nearshore and offshore project opportunities. With this cooperation we take an important leap forward and we now become an important part of the testing process for the world’s most powerful wind turbines and the next generation of the 3MW platform,” says Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy A/S.

The Maade project is a collaboration between European Energy, MHI Vestas and BMC Energi. As the wind turbines are placed in the port of Esbjerg, the project marks an important milestone in the development of offshore wind energy, as it allows for the onshore testing of the 8 MW turbines with respect to installation methods and operation & maintenance procedures before serial offshore deliveries will follow. (…)’

Renewables International, 6 mei 2016: The big turbines are coming
State of Green, 26 april 2016: The world’s biggest wind turbines inaugurated in Denmark
Foto: Vestas



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