Post WO (PDEng) Smart Energy in Buildings and Cities

3TU: TU Eindhoven, TUDelft en Universiteit Twente
3TU offers a two-year (post-Master) designer’s programs. Similar to a doctoral candidate, you will have the status of employee if you are selected for the SEB&C program. The program consists of a first year of professional, technical and entrepreneurial preparation and advanced education, followed by a major design project of twelve months in a company.
The SEBC program trains MSc graduates to become a technological designer. They are capable to integrate relevant knowledge in the field of energy and sustainability with a multidisciplinairy approach in a process of Integral Designing to a dedicated, Smart Energy system for the built environment. Based on the specialty, a SEBC designer can contribute to the development of:
– Intelligent and energy efficient building components and/or
– Building concepts aimed at the intelligent use of as less as possible energy and/or
– Energy generation in the built environment, and/or
– Intelligent networks aimed at the alignment of supply and demand of energy.
– Investigate strategic development for innovating companies in the field of energy and sustainability.

Post WO

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