Reacties op EU-Milieuraad: van ‘vertrouwenwekkend’ tot ‘teleurstellend’

19 september 2015 – De reacties op de afspraak van de EU-milieuministers lopen sterk uiteen – van ‘vertrouwenwekkend’ en ‘belangrijk signaal’ tot ‘teleurstellend’ en ‘niet genoeg’.

‘Vertrouwen en optimisme’
Uit een bericht van Deutsche Welle: ‘(…) France’s Environment Minister Segolene Royal: “A step towards success in Paris.” “There are good reasons to already be confident,”
Royal’s German counterpart Barbara Hendricks said in Brussels. She was optimistic that efforts to reach a deal at the UN climate summit would be successful. (…)’

‘Unacceptable temperature rise of three degrees’
Uit een bericht van Yahoo News: ‘(…) While praising progress in the run-up to the summit, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres warned in Brussels earlier this week that the world is on track for an unacceptable temperature rise of three degrees celsius based on the emissions targets submitted until now by 70 percent of the countries. (…)’

‘Important signal’
Uit een bericht van EUObserver: ‘(…) “The call for a phase-out of emissions from all the EU Member States is an important signal that the EU still wants to reach a meaningful Paris agreement,” Wendel Trio, director of Climate Action Network Europe, said in a statement. But he expressed regret that “EU ministers failed to provide details on how they will scale up climate action, so that the transition to the fossil fuel-free economy happens at a scale and pace needed to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.”

‘Lat te laag’
Uit een bericht van Trouw: ‘(…) Ook Europarlementariër Bas Eickhout (GroenLinks) vindt dat de ministers de lat te laag leggen. “Het ambitieniveau wordt aangepast aan de landen die het minst willen. Europa dreigt zo haar leiderschapsrol mondiaal te verliezen.” Eickhout is ook kritisch over de ‘vaagheid’ rondom de financiering van klimaatmaatregelen. Daarnaast hekelt Eickhout de weigering van de EU om voor 2025 met een doelstelling te komen. “Veel andere landen doen dit wel, en het is een cruciaal punt om China tot meer ambitie te bewegen.” (…)’

‘A clear call for comparable efforts is missing’
Uit een bericht van BusinessEurope: ‘(…) Director General Markus J. Beyrer (BusinessEurope) commented: “While the EU Ministers’ overall climate conclusions go in the right direction, a clear call for comparable efforts by major carbon emitting economies outside Europe is missing. The COP21 summit in Paris must be a deal breaker for European business. We want an international ambition that is in line with the efforts we are already committed to in Europe. The end result should be an ambitious, comprehensive global agreement that ensures the rest of the world catches up with us. We need to establish a truly global level playing field for our industry” – he added. (…)’

‘EU failed to spell out how to increase its own target’
Uit een bericht van The Guardian: ‘(…) Geneviève Pons Deladrière, director of the WWF European policy office, said: “As climate change is speeding up and getting worse, it’s regrettable that EU environment ministers failed to spell out how the EU intends to increase its own climate and energy targets.” (…)’

‘The commitments to cut emissions won’t be enough’
Uit een bericht van de Wallstreet Journal: ‘(…) With just over two months to go until the Paris Climate Conference, known as COP 21, kicks off on Nov. 30, it is already clear that national commitments to cut emissions won’t be enough to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. (…)

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