Record volume on UK, overall Intraday markets

In January 2016, a total volume of 49.41 TWh was traded on EPEX SPOT Day-Ahead and Intraday power markets (January 2015: 47.72 TWh). In January 2016, power trading on the Day-Ahead markets on EPEX SPOT (including APX) accounted for a total of 43,965,077 MWh (January 2015: 42,652,741 MWh).
The Power UK Day-Ahead market experienced another month of extraordinary growth and reached a new monthly record with 5,153,435 MWh traded, up by 201% from January 2015. The all-time daily high was reached on 20 January 2016 for delivery on 21 January with a total of 219,362 MWh traded. …. 


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