Siemens launches three new wind turbines based on one onshore direct drive platform

Siemens has launched an extended portfolio of its successful Onshore direct drive wind turbines. At the WindEnergy Hamburg trade show, the company’s Onshore CEO Thomas Richterich launched three new turbine models for optimum performance at low wind, medium wind, and noise sensitive sites. Thanks to a modular platform concept, all three machines share the same nacelle design. Different controller settings and rotor diameters allow the new turbines to adapt to specific wind and site conditions. As the second generation of onshore direct drive technology was introduced two years ago with the Siemens SWT-3.3-130, all new models benefit from a short time-to-market. The new low noise turbine – the SWT-3.3-130LN – and the new medium wind speed turbine – the SWT-3.6-130 – will go into serial production in early 2017. The low wind speed turbine – the SWT-3.15-142 – will follow in late 2017…. 


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