Sunvalley Solar Is Seeking for Partnerships to Implement its Patented Technology

Seeking partnerships to develop and implement its patented technology – Networked Solar Panels and Related Methods
(…) Sunvalley Solar has patented a new technology “Networked Solar Panels and Related Methods” (USPTO 12/198,076), which allows the solar power system operator to dynamically monitor the grid status, manage and control the output from the each panel, each subsystem and the system as a whole. This innovative control of the solar power system employs a robust software platform and management control methodology. Through this technology, system managers can address the undesirable fluctuations in the voltage of the power grid due to the natural environment’s impact. Sunvalley seeks partnerships among solar panel suppliers, utility companies and energy management companies, to co-develop this patented technology and make it the industry standard for the management of power grids. (…)


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