‘The Lancet’ begint tijdschrift over gezondheid aarde

9 januari 2017
Het Britse medische tijdschrift The Lancet begint een tijdschrift over de gezondheid van de aarde. Het initiatief (‘The Lancet, Planetary Health’) is ontstaan uit grote zorg. ‘We have now gone beyond a sustainable limit. The planet we live in is in grave danger.’

Uit de aankondiging van The Lancet
‘(…) Presenting The Lancet Planetary Health, a new online-only, open access title in The Lancet’s growing family of specialty journals. (…) This monthly journal is committed to publishing high-quality original Research Articles, Editorials, Comments, and Correspondence that contribute to defining and advancing planetary health worldwide.
Planetary health has been defined as the health of the human civilisation and the state of the natural systems on which it depends.
To explain this idea in simple terms we need to think of humanity as one of the key driving forces of global environmental change. We live on a planet that is shaped by the activity of human beings. We have benefited from the exploitation of the natural resources of the environment and this has allowed us to develop, flourish, and to improve our health. But, we have now gone beyond a sustainable limit. The planet we live in is in grave danger. Species are under pressure. The environmental changes to the climate, the water, the land, and ecosystems are challenging life on the Earth with serious implications for our health and wellbeing. The way we think about the planet needs to be revised, and with it the approach we take to interact with it. (…)’

Klimaatverandering zal een van de hoofdthema’s zijn.

Voor wie in The Lancet Planetary Health zou willen publiceren:

‘(…) We invite all original research submissions that have the potential to change or challenge the interplay between the environment and human health. We will consider original research on any aspect of planetary health, exploring human health within the context of but not limited to:

  • Climate change
  • Water scarcity
  • Biodiversity
  • Food and nutrition
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Agricultural productivity
  • Environmental exposures to contaminants
  • Waste management
  • Air quality
  • Water and airborne diseases

In addition to these direct impacts on natural systems, attention will be also given to indirect pathways such as poverty, conflict and health, human displacement, health security, urban design, planning, and transportation. We will take a broad and inclusive approach to planetary health, and we especially wish to emphasise our interest in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research.
In keeping with our other journals, The Lancet Planetary Health will offer rapid publication of research online within 8-12 weeks from submission. Papers will be subjected to The Lancet’s usual rigorous standards of external and statistical peer review, and edited by experienced copy editors to the highest standards. (…)’

The Lancet, 5 januari 2017: The Lancet Planetary Health – A new journal for a new discipline

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