Trump – Clinton: ‘Trump a disaster for the climate crisis’

Trump – Clinton: ‘Trump a disaster for the climate crisis’

20 oktober 2016Nog tijdens het derde debat tussen Donald Trump en Hillary Clinton liet de milieuorganisatie 350. org een persbericht uitgaan. Met oud nieuws, dat wel: ‘Trump would be a disaster for the climate crisis.’

De tekst van het persbericht
‘(…) Following the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton held at the University of Nevada, 350 Action Executive Director May Boeve issued the following statement: “What is there to say? We just saw a candidate for President say that he wouldn’t respect the outcome of the election. Any progress we’re going to see on climate change depends on protecting our democracy from demagogues like Donald Trump. Trump would be a disaster for everything our movement values: climate justice, social justice, justice period. It’s absurd that we even have to say this, but taking eight years to deal with an authoritarian is time we don’t have given the climate crisis.”
“There were yet again no questions explicitly about climate change in tonight’s debate. While that is incredibly distressing and undermines the voice of the public that pushed for such questions in the debate, there’s no question about who is the best choice for our communities and the planet on election day.” “Hillary Clinton is not the perfect candidate, but I believe our movements have the power to push her toward bolder action on climate change and social justice. Voting is not a valentine, it’s a chess move. We don’t have four years to spare in this fight.” (…)’


350. org, 20 oktober 2016: 350 Action responds to third and final presidential debate
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