Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition onder Frans/Nederlandse leiding

Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition onder Nederlands/Franse leiding

19 april 2016 – De Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) staat sinds vorige week onder leiding van Ségolène Royal, de Franse minisister voor Milieu, Energie en Oceanen, en Feike Sijbesma, de Nederlandse CEO van DSM.

Het CPLC is een initiatief dat met de steun van vele leiders van regeringen, grote bedrijven en maatschappelijke organisaties zich inzet voor een wereldwijde deelname aan carbon pricing. Het CPLC ging op de klimaatconferentie van Parijs, december vorig jaar, van start. Het idee voor zo’n brede samenwerking ontstond op de VN-klimaatconferentie in 2014 in New York.

Uit het persbericht van de CPLC
‘(…) The new co-chairs (…) are Ségolène Royal, Minister of Environment, Energy and Oceans of France and COP21 President, and Feike Sijbesma, CEO of the Netherlands-based nutrition and materials multinational Royal DSM. (…)

160419-SegoleneRoyalSégolène Royal: An instrument of cohesion
“As the president of the COP, I encourage countries and private firms to mobilize in favor of carbon pricing,” said Minister Ségolène Royal. “This movement needs to rely on three principles: a price that is high enough to change behaviors; a price that is stable and predictable to give economic and financial actors the visibility they need; and a price that is coordinated, such that it is an instrument of cohesion, not of competition.”(…)


Feike Sijbesma: ‘Combatting one of mankind’s biggest threats’
“I am honored to co-chair this important initiative to address climate change through speeding up the transition to a low-fossil-carbon society,” said Royal DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma. “Business increasingly recognizes the positive role meaningful carbon pricing can play in accelerating low carbon technologies and generating economic opportunities whilst combatting one of mankind’s biggest threats. Like Royal DSM, more and more companies apply an internal carbon price when reviewing investment decisions. The CPLC enables the private sector to share knowledge and best practices, while offering a unique space for constructive engagement with the public sector and civil society, to demonstrate the leadership needed to create a brighter future for people today and generations to come.”

Currently about 40 countries and 23 cities, states, and provinces put a price on carbon. Together, these cover the equivalent of some 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide – a threefold increase over the past decade.

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) emerged from the 2014 UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York, and was officially launched at COP21 in Paris. The CPLC is a voluntary initiative that brings together dozens of leaders from governments, businesses and civil society to support the expansion of carbon pricing, share experiences, and enhance global, regional, national and sub-national understanding of best practices. (…)’

CPLC, 15 april 2016: Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition calls for global targets, announces new co-chairs

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