Onderwerp: E-on

Eneco Groep, Hoofdkantoor Rotterdam Alexander, foto: Peter Hilz, Hollands Hoogte

Wat moet ‘groen’ Eneco met ‘grijs’ E.On?

Eneco neemt de Nederlandse verkoop- en leveringsactiviteiten van Uniper Benelux over, maakten de bedrijven 20 februari bekend. Voor Eneco betekent dat 200.000 extra particuliere en zakelijke klanten van het voormalige E.On, dat met een 3.3 het allerslechtst...Lees verder
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Better lighting for Germany’s streets

Energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection – these are the goals that are achieved with LED technology in street lighting. As is currently the case in the town of Plattling in Bavaria, where Bayernwerk, one...Lees verder
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375,000 times renewable energy for Germany

One third of the installed capacity of EEG installations is connected to the E.ON grid. According to the latest figures for 2016, about 375,000 installations funded under Renewable Energy Act (EEG) are connected to the E.ON...Lees verder
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First turbine installed at Rampion

The construction of Rampion Offshore Wind Farm enters into its final phase. At the weekend the first of 116 wind turbines was installed for the project based in the English Channel off the coast of...Lees verder
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E.ON investing in fuel cell pioneer Elcore

E.ON is increasingly relying on highly innovative, clean and economical technologies to supply homes with heat. As the company announced today, E.ON is investing in Elcore GmbH, a pioneer in fuel cell technology, based in...Lees verder
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