DONG Energy stapt definitief uit olie en gas, nog dit jaar

20 januari 2017DONG Energy wil definitief nog dit jaar al zijn olie- en gasactiviteiten afstoten en zich helemaal gaan concentreren op duurzame energie, met name offshore wind en bio-energie. ‘This should be seen in the context of DONG Energy’s strategic transformation towards becoming a global leader in renewables.’

DONG Energy had vorig jaar al aangegeven gas en olie te willen afstoten, maar was er toen nog niet helemaal zeker van. Nu wel. In het financiële jaaroverzicht van DONG Energy worden olie en gas al aangemerkt als ‘discontinuing operations’.
Uit het persbericht over het jaaroverzicht
‘(…) In connection with the interim report for the first nine months of 2016, DONG Energy announced that the company has initiated a process with the ultimate aim of divesting its activities within exploration and production of oil and gas. The activities are expected to be sold before the end of 2017, and the Oil & Gas segment is therefore presented as discontinuing operations in the financial statements for full-year 2016. (…)
DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. Its head office is located in Denmark. Around 6,500 ambitious employees are engaged in developing, constructing and operating offshore wind farms, generating power and heat from our power stations, supplying energy to residential and business customers on a daily basis, and producing oil and gas. The Group generated revenue of EUR 9.5 billion in 2015. (…)’

Hendrik Poulsen (CEO): ‘Becoming a global leader in renewables’

Uit een bericht van Offshore Wind
‘(…) “This should be seen in the context of DONG Energy’s strategic transformation towards becoming a global leader in renewables and a wish to ensure the best possible long-term development opportunities for our oil and gas business,” Poulsen said. Following the announcement, reports emerged saying that DONG Energy was in negotiation with Maersk over a merger of their fossil fuel businesses, as DONG is focusing fully on offshore wind and Maersk on transport and logistics. (…)
“Since DONG Energy was formed in 2006, we have changed from one of the most coal-intensive utilities in Europe to a global leader in renewable energy,” the company states on its website. (…)’

DONG Energy, 19 januari 2017: Oil & Gas segment presented as discontinuing operations in DONG Energy’s annual report for 2016
Offshore Wind, 19 januari 2017: DONG Energy Plans to Sell Its Oil & Gas Unit by Year End
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