G7 positief over succes klimaattop Parijs

13 mei 2015 – De energieministers van de G7 willen zich inzetten voor het bereiken van een overeenkomst op de klimaattop in Parijs in december 2015.

De energieministers van de zeven grote industriële landen (Verenigd Koninkrijk, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Italië, Japan, Verenigde Staten, Canada) spraken in Hamburg met de Europese Commissie.

Uit een bericht van EurActiv
‘(…) The conclusion of the two-day agenda in Hamburg resulted in a joint communiqué from the ministers. They indicated that “deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions” are still needed. The countries emphasised the “urgency of a consequent energy transition to further decouple economic growth from carbon emissions”. (…)

“What we have in common is that all the states are pursuing the same target, namely concluding a successful international climate protection agreement by the end of the year in Paris,” he [Sigmar Gabriel, Duitse minister van Economische Zaken, red.] said. (…)’

Uit een bericht van de Europese Commissie
‘(…) “All of us agreed that our energy security depends on us becoming more sustainable. This way we can ensure that our citizens get secure, sustainable and affordable energy. The concrete actions set out in the Hamburg sustainable energy security initiative are very significant steps that will help us get there,” Arias Cañete said. (…)
“In order to unlock the full range of benefits renewable energy, energy efficiency measures and innovative technologies can provide, a stable and predictable policy framework is very much needed,” Arias Cañete added. (…)

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