Powering Innovation for a Sustainable Future

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Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership
‘Powering Innovation for a Sustainable Future, an Electric Industry’s Perspective’
Oktober 2015, 70 pagina’s

An association of the world’s leading electricity firms today lit a picture of a future high-tech enabled world energy mix that would help nations meet climate-related CO2 reduction pledges and the expanding demand for electricity.
In a report for the upcoming world climate summit (COP21, Paris, Nov. 30 – Dec. 11), the 11-member Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership catalog innovations and technologies in development industry-wide for the generation, distribution and storage of energy, as well as to reduce its use.
The report describes the outlook for some 50 existing and emerging technologies related to electricity generation (25), systems (11, eg. grids, batteries and other means of energy storage), and use (14, eg. energy efficiency, lighting).
It also outlines electricity trends in key regions and countries: Europe, USA, China, Japan, Brazil and India, stressing that an optimal combination of existing and new technologies will vary from country to country, even within geographical regions. Variables include the structure and state of local and regional electricity systems, the availability of energy resources, the development of industry and the speed at which the less mature technologies improve in terms of performance and cost. (…)

The report, Powering Innovation for a Sustainable Future, the outcome of a two year international consultation process, concludes: “Energy efficiency and technological innovation in the electricity sector are essential to both reduce emissions and improve the quality of life of citizens around the world. COP21 policymakers are well positioned to help accelerate the development and deployment worldwide of energy efficiency measures and of innovative technologies with effective policies.”

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