Master Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management – Energy and Industry

Technische Universiteit Delft
The Master’s Programme in SEPAM gives students the ability to solve large-scale and complex problems in the world of management armed with technical knowledge. It focuses on engineering and decision-making processes at the interface between the public and private sector. The curriculum is built on the three pillars of systems engineering, multi-actor network stakeholder theory and technology specialization. Students learn to weigh the importance of technical as well as social factors in design and management processes. They look at both the physical technical system and at the organisational network in which a technical solution must be embedded. SEPAM is an interdisciplinary Master, which means that the students have gained knowledge within various fields such as strategy, decision-making, management and organisations, statistics and system modelling. This multi-faceted approach makes SEPAM engineers extremely valuable in most types of organisations.
The domain Energy and Industry (E&I) offers comprehensive education in the field of energy markets, and industrial networks. It focuses on renewable energy, electricity and gas infrastructures and markets and process integration within and between process plants. The domain is intended for students who are interested in management, policy, consultancy and/or entrepreneurial endeavours within the field of energy markets and industrial networks. Recent developments as smart grids, industrial micro-grids, plug-in (hybrid) electric vehicles, renewable heating systems, the gas roundabout, shale gas and other sources of ‘new gas’ are examples of topics elaborated in the programme.


Start 1 september
Aanmelden vóór 1 augustus
Duur 2 jaar
Taal Engels

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