Minor Biobased Technology

Wageningen University 
The transition from fossil to sustainable energy and biobased materials requires technical innovation. The BSc minor Bio-based Technology focuses on technical strategies to replace fossils by bio-mass.
Attention is given to a number of renewable resource applications. Biomass has enormous potential for the production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, food and feed. For these applications the relevant components have to be released from the biomass. Strategies to produce suitable biomass will be introduced. Attention is drawn to a number of renewable resource applications, to renewable energy production as well as production of biobased materials. Biorefinery is the technology for sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of marketable products and energy.
Renewable energy, also from other sources than biomass, is the second important topic in this minor. Fossil fuels are the dominant energy source nowadays, but their use involves a number of problems: enhanced greenhouse effect, air pollution and resource depletion. Energy savings and the use of renewable energy are directions for achieving an environmentally sustainable industrial society.


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