Minor Economics of Sustainable Development

Wageningen University
The main objective of the BSc Minor Economics of Sustainable Development is to provide a profound introduction to the economics of sustainable development, in particular for students from the natural sciences. The minor will focus on issues such as: What type of economic development is possible in a changing world of limited resources and with a limited capacity to overcome the negative aspects of increased economic activities?
Examples of negative effects of economic growth are resource degradation (e.g., erosion, soil depletion, deforestation), pollution (e.g., pesticides), and climatic change (e.g., higher temperatures, change in rainfall patterns, sea level rise). In short, the main theme of the minor is: What is sustainable development (in economic and ecological terms), how can it be analysed, and how could it be realised? The economic approach is well equipped to contribute to analysing such questions with its focus on the allocation of scarce resources and the resulting impacts on ecosystems.


Start 1 september
Omvang 24 ECTS
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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