Minor Entrepreneurship for Society

Universiteit Leiden
In an increasingly interconnected world, it is no longer sufficient to only gather knowledge. Complex societal challenges – be it energy, safety, health or infrastructure – can only be tackled if information from various fields of expertise comes together. We need to develop scientific knowledge across different disciplines and focus on skills and building confidence.
In this minor we want to attract students who are passionate about solving complex societal challenges. You will develop a project in a team of students with different backgrounds, take up a societal issue, and reflect on your experience. Your team will be coached by an academic and business coach, who will help you translate your academic knowledge into impactful projects. During the grand finale, you will present your initiative to a jury of entrepreneurs, policymakers and business people.
Students who complete this Minor add an action oriented and societal relevant experience to their bachelor degree. This new Campus The Hague minor aims to educate, coach and train a new breed of professionals. We encourage students to go beyond what is considered ‘routine’ today. As a student, the programme gives you the opportunity to explore action research methods – combining perspectives from theory and practice -, and teaches you how to use incremental ways of working. Hence, during the minor you will develop an entrepreneurial skills set and attitude and learn how to apply academic knowledge and research methodologies in practice.


Start september
Omvang 30 ECT / 6 maanden
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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